Black Bean & Mango Taquitos

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Christina Ross
Christina Ross
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It is a sad day.

I went to hit “publish” for this post, and the entire content was inexplicably erased.

Photos. Write-up. Recipe. Nutritional information. Gone.



Although I can’t give you the exact recipe – as I made these taquitos over a week ago and therefore don’t remember exact ingredient measurements – I can give you a rough guideline for how I put them together.

I slightly adapted and scaled down Mollie Katzen’s recipe for Black Beans in Mango Sauce, spooned the mixture onto flour tortillas, rolled ’em up, and baked them until crispy and lightly golden brown.

I know that is a sorry excuse for a recipe, but it’s the best I can do.

What I can tell you is that these taquitos were delicious! The sweet mango paired beautifully with the earthy black beans and spicy jalapeno pepper. As is true with all Mexican fare, a generous scoop of guacamole was the perfect finishing touch.

They were so tasty, that I just might have to make them again. If I do get around to it, I will be sure to document the exact recipe and share it with you… because I like you and I think you’ll love these taquitos :).

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