Monday Musings +Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Bisque

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Christina Ross
Christina Ross
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1. I thought it was pretty awesome when I scored a 99 point word while playing Words With Friends last week…

Monday Musings + Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Bisque

… and then I scored a 102 point word later that very same day.

Monday Musings + Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Bisque

And this is coming from a girl who loses the game more often than she wins. Perhaps the tides are turning?!

Either that or I just play the game way too often. I currently have 7 games going. You be the judge ;).

2. John and I finally made it to Five Guys after hearing the hype about the burger & fries chain from many friends.

The “little hamburger” with lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, and ketchup that I ordered tasted pretty good… but the photo I snapped of it was horrific. The humanely raised beef patty was thin but juicy and the toppings (you can order as many as you’d like – gratis) were fresh; but I was disappointed by the white sesame seed bun, which was pretty run-of-the-mill.

The fries – which people apparently go crazy over, were also just okay. I do appreciate that they use fresh potatoes (sacks of spuds adorn the sitting area) and fry them in trans fat-free peanut oil, but they just weren’t as good as they are talked up to be.

Monday Musings + Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Bisque

3. To make up for the less-than-amazing fries, I came up with a new recipe over the weekend.

Here’s a teaser:

Monday Musings + Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Bisque

The recipe will be posted later this week!

4. Today’s Back Burner recipe is for Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup.

Just when you though it was safe to assume I was done coming up with pumpkin recipes…

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